Three Piece Bathroom Suite

In the market for a new three piece bathroom suite? Here at JC Plumbing, we are specialists within the bathroom plumbing and heating industry and offer a large variety of bathroom plumbing supplies for all budget ranges. With a choice of baths, showers, basins, waste systems, bathroom furniture and more, you can get everything your bathroom needs from JC Plumbing. Call us on 01202 001424 for any assistance.


What is a Three Piece Bathroom Suite?

It sounds like a daft question but with so many new products emerging on the market, many people don’t know what the definition of a three piece bathroom suite is. A bathroom suite sounds like the term for a lavish and expensive bathroom that is probably out of your budget range; however, a three piece suite is simply a bathroom that is made of three different products. Traditionally, these three products were a bath, basin and a toilet. Now, a three piece bathroom suite consists of a basin, toilet and either a bath or shower; the three essentials that are needed within the bathroom.

 Three Piece Bathroom Suite

Bathroom Suites at JC Plumbing

Here at JC Plumbing, we supply complete three piece bathroom suites. Additionally, we supply many separate products for those of you that need replacements or don’t require a full three piece suite. The suites that we have available can be bought as a complete suite package or by mixing products from our different collections. You can purchase suites from these fantastic collections:

All these collections showcase unique designs suited to contemporary and traditional bathroom suites alike.


Getting your Dream Bathroom Suite

One of the easiest ways to achieve your dream bathroom is by selecting one of the three piece bathroom suites that we have available. They consist of a toilet, sink and a bath, or shower if you’d prefer. Your dream bathroom doesn’t need to stop with your three piece bathroom suite, why not get a standalone shower as well as a bath, lavish taps and even some beautiful bathroom furniture units. Your bathroom wouldn’t have looked better.

Will it be a traditional or contemporary bathroom? At JC Plumbing, there’s a bathroom suite to suit every taste in our diverse collection.

The shape and size of your bathroom shouldn’t stop you from creating your dream bathroom suite; you can still create luxury with small bathroom suites as bigger doesn’t always mean better. Our products are also made with streamlined designs to conceal the pipework to create a pristine look.

To help you achieve your dream bathroom, we have a team of experts at JC Plumbing with fantastic design capabilities that can help you pick the right three piece bathroom suite with all the bathroom accessories that you might need.


How much does it Cost to Replace a Bathroom Suite in the UK?

Whether you want to simply upgrade your bathroom to a lavish looking bathroom suite, or your bathroom has become outdated, JC Plumbing has a range of bathroom suite options to ensure that you can afford the bathroom you need. The average cost to buy a three piece bathroom suite, bathroom furniture and the installation costs, is a mere £4,500 but prices can be much lower or much higher for a luxury bathroom suite. JC Plumbing is dedicated to offering the best prices possible; we supply showroom quality goods at internet prices.


Getting your Three-Piece Bathroom Suite

To get your dream three piece bathroom suite, there is no better place than JC Plumbing. Whether you visit our Dorset showroom or order online from JC Plumbing, we have the perfect range of bathroom plumbing supplies for you. For more information or assistance, do not hesitate to call us on 01202 001424.