Shower Tray Base

Have you finished a bathroom installation and want to find a shower tray base as a final fixture? Perhaps it’s just time for a replacement. Whatever the case may be, JC Plumb will have what you’re looking for in stock. Just have a look through our online shop or book a visit to our showroom by calling our friendly team of bathroom experts today on 01202 001 424. We are here to help.

Discover Our Amazing Range of Shower Trays

A shower tray base is a very useful bathroom fixture that every homeowner should get. However, there are many products available on the market that are subpar, so it’s important to be discerning and only buy from accredited suppliers like JC Plumb.

With inset shower trays, you can use your space better and have easy access – this is especially important in smaller bathroom spaces. A solid tray will bring considerable benefits while also providing strong visual appeal.

The aesthetic value of your bathroom is definitely going to be increased with one of our shower tray bases. You will benefit from a wider visual perception that creates an even surface while occupying a minimal amount of space.

With shower enclosures, the functionality of your bathroom will also be improved. For example, children, the elderly, and people with mobility impairments will find access much easier. The risk of tripping or slipping is minimised with one of our high quality bases.

Long-Lasting Shower Enclosures at Affordable Prices

Maintenance will be easy with your new shower tray base from JC Plumb. These functional fixtures have few edges and slots. Not only that, their unique shape allows for faster and easier cleaning for maximum convenience.

In the long run, shower trays are a very cost-effective investment. You will have a wide variety of different materials and finishes to choose from when you purchase yours from the experts right here at JC Plumb.

Reasons to Purchase Your New Shower Enclosure from JC Plumb

One of the best ways to see what your new bathroom fixtures or furniture is going to look like is paying a visit to our showroom based in Poole. We are beyond confident that seeing our products first-hand will give you even more inspiration for your upcoming project.

JC Plumb possesses more than 20 years of experience with bathrooms of all types. Whether you like traditional, mid-century modern, or contemporary spaces, we would be happy to advise you and ensure that you get exactly what you want with no compromises.

When you arrive, one of our professional team members will welcome you. You can sit down with them, have a cup of delicious coffee, and discuss all of your ideas. Once we have a better overview of what you’re looking to achieve, we will be able to make recommendations and offer our impartial professional advice.

Even better – if you give us a floorplan and go into more detail about your requirements, we can design a new bathroom for you within your budget. Alternatively, if you are only looking to purchase a single product, such as a shower tray, then that’s absolutely fine as well.

Also Available at JC Plumb On Top of Shower Enclosures

Besides our highly sought-after shower tray bases, we can also supply you with all of the following products:

·         Baths

·         Furniture

·         Showers

·         Various Accessories

·         And Much More!

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