Local Plumbers’ Merchants

Are you looking for local plumbers’ merchants that offer great products at affordable prices? Here at JC Plumbing, we offer showroom quality plumbing supplies but at internet prices without losing any of their fantastic quality. Whether you are a plumber or a homeowner looking for plumbing supplies in Bournemouth and Dorset, JC Plumbing has got you covered. Visit our online bathroom store JC Plumbing or call us on 01202 001424 for any assistance that you may need.


Your Local Plumbers’ Merchants in Dorset

Local Plumbers’ Merchants

Here at JC Plumbing, we are your local plumbers’ merchants in Dorset. With our conveniently located bathroom showroom in Poole, we get many customers from Dorset and surrounding areas visiting us. To make sure that everyone has access to our great range of products, we have launched an online bathroom store where you can get all the bathroom supplies you need with the simple click of a button from the convenience of your home.

As your local plumbers’ merchants, we have all the skills and experience when dealing with bathroom plumbing and heating supplies. If you’re not sure what bathroom supplies are suitable for you, then you’re in luck. The team at JC Plumbing are fantastic design experts that can help you best utilise the space that you have available to ensure that you have a bathroom that is a room of luxury and relaxation as you enjoy being pampered. Additionally, we can detail the functionality and the technical side of the products and can answer any questions that you have surrounding the products that we have available; we are always transparent.


Plumbing Supplies at JC Plumbing

You can find a selection of plumbing supplies at JC Plumbing ranging from budget-friendly products to luxurious bathroom supplies that are designed for the ultimate relaxation. You can browse one of our carefully selected collections for all the bathroom products that you need:

Within these collections, you can find great ranges of basins, showers, baths, cisterns, waste systems, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories and much more. You can create your bathroom using just one collection or you can mix and match from the collections to give your bathroom that unique, personal touch.


Local Plumbers Merchants over Online Merchants

The internet has become the best place to shop with prices being unbeatable and the simplicity of ordering from the convenience of your own home. However, there are some products and supplies that should be viewed before purchasing and bathroom plumbing supplies are a perfect example of these.

Before purchasing any plumbing supplies from an online bathroom store, it’s always a good idea to visit your local plumbers’ merchants first. By doing this, you can get a better idea of the selection of products that are available to you. You can view many bathroom plumbing supplies online, but it’s harder to envision them in your bathroom as you can’t see the products up close and personal. Whereas, in your local plumbers’ merchants showroom, you can see many different bathroom products incorporated into a number of bathroom suites that could be perfect for your needs and wants.

Furthermore, when purchasing products online, you can never guarantee how good the quality is as many online stores tend to make the picture look more appealing than the product actually is. In your local bathroom showroom, you can see the finish of the products in addition to the quality of the materials used, so you know you’re getting good value for your money. You can even test many of the products and get inside of them to ensure that they’re a good fit for you and your bathroom.

Here at JC Plumbing, we can offer you the best of both worlds; we have an online bathroom store in addition to a local plumbers’ merchants store in Dorset. You can visit our plumbing store to get an indication of the products’ quality before ordering them online from the comfort of your home.


Visiting your Local Plumbers’ Merchants

If you live in Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas in Dorset, then JC Plumbing is your best local plumbers’ merchants. Visit us on Ringwood road in Poole or call us on 01202 001424 for any assistance.