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When redesigning or updating your bathroom the small accessories and finishing touches are just as important as the main features and can add the perfect finishing touch to your new bathroom; therefore you should never underestimate the importance of choosing the best waste fittings for your bathroom.

Waste and overflows are installed into basins, shower trays and baths to help guide water away. It is paramount when choosing any waste outlet or fitting to choose the correct size to avoid any unwanted leaks or overflowing.


Waste Outlets and Plugs at JC Plumbing and Heating

Here at JC Plumbing and Heating, we stock a wide range of styles and variations of waste fittings and plugs to ensure you can find the right fitting for your requirements. From bath clicker waste systems to slotted basin clicker waste systems we have the waste outlet and fittings for you. All of our basin waste and plugs are available to match your current bathroom fittings and fixtures providing the perfect finish to your bathroom at a great price.

Additionally, many of our waste systems at JC Plumbing and Heating feature a hair catcher to prevent your drains from getting clogged up with unwanted hair.


The Different Types of Waste Outlets Explained

Before purchasing your new waste outlet and plug you need to know which one to purchase and there are a variety of different styles and functionalities available. This may seem confusing, however, it’s very simple; if your basin features an overflow hole to prevent water overflowing then you need a slotted waste system. This system allows any excess water to drain from the top of the basin back into the same waste pipe below. On the other hand, if you don’t have an overflow in your basin then you will require a unslotted waste system.

Below we have explained the different types of plugs:

  • Standard Plug Basin Waste -This is the standard and older fashioned type of plug and is usually found in older style bathrooms that have yet to be renovated. However, if you prefer the vintage look than this style of plug can work well with your interior. An added benefit of this style of plug is that it allows for the quickest water drainage compared to other types of water drainage systems.
  • Pop up Basin Waste (Clicker or Push Top) – A pop-up basin waste system, otherwise known as a clicker or push top, is now the standard when it comes to bathroom basins. These systems work easily with a simple press to open or close either on the plug itself or via an attachment to a tap. Pop up basin waste systems don't provide as quick drainage compared to a standard plug basin system, however, they offer heaps of style and look seamless whilst installed in the basin.
  • Flip Top Basin Waste – Less popular than the other two types of basin waste systems,flip-top systems are a unique and ingenious design that allows the user to simply push down on one side of the plug, rotating the waste outlet and allowing water to drain from the basin. The unique design will be sure to leave your guests impressed.

If you’re still unsure which waste system you require then feel free to get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at JCPlumbing and Heating today. 

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