Sandbanks Collection

Introducing the Sandbanks collection - modern, minimalist with curves and lots of attitude; perfect if you are looking to make a contemporary-chic statement in your bathroom that won’t fail to impress your guests. If you want long-lasting bathroom plumbing supplies, then the sandbanks collection is for you; the advanced manufacturing processes ensure Sandbanks will stand the test of time with its superior strength and durability.

Sandbanks Toilet Collection

The toilets within the Sandbanks collection offer a great range of styles for many different types of bathroom. With the open back toilets, you can conveniently attach them to your walls, perfect for smaller bathrooms. If you’ve got plenty of space available and can be creative with your bathroom arrangement, then the Sandbanks closed-back toilets could work wonders for you. We also offer the option of a rimless toilet to radiate a modern atmosphere.

Sandbanks Soft Close Toilet Seats

To accompany the range of toilets, Sandbanks also offers soft-close seats, ensuring that your toilet and your fingers are protected from slams.

Sandbanks Basin Collection

Sometimes nothing beats the simple but effective full pedestal basins within your bathroom. You don’t want to suffer the inconvenience of having to bend down if you’re rather tall and you may not have the space available for a cabinet sink. The Sandbanks basins can be incorporated into any bathroom and are built to stand the test of time.

Sandbanks Taps Collection

Looking for a way to breathe life into an outdated bathroom? The contemporary, quirky taps within the Sandbanks collection will always grab the gaze from your guests. These luxurious basin and bath mixer taps can transform any bathroom into giving the illusion that your bathroom is new and modern, a cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom.

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