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A quality bathroom mirror is an extremely important piece of furniture in what is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home. Helping to reflect the light and open up your bathroom, as well as helping you to look your best; a bathroom mirror is an absolute necessity.

With the shift towards more stylish designed bathrooms, whilst still being functional, a bathroom mirror is a great way to brighten up the room whilst adding the illusion of space and light. So, no matter whether you’re completely gutting a bathroom or simply sprucing the place up, a new bathroom mirror will be sure to add a touch of style.


Bathroom Mirrors at JC Plumbing

Here at JC Plumbing and Heating, our range of bathroom mirrors deliver solutions in abundance. All of our mirrors offer a dual mounting option, allowing you to hang your mirror both portrait and landscape. Our range of bathroom mirrors come available in a variety of sizes from 400mm x 660mm, up to 420mm x 1450mm.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

You may not always wish to have your main bathroom light on which is why here at JC Plumbing all our bathrooms mirrors come with integrated LED lighting. LED lighting is increasingly popular as the light bulbs offer a long lifespan, as well as only requiring a low amount of energy to run, making them energy efficient. As an added benefit all our bathroom mirrors are adjustable through infrared touch sensor technology, taking the LEDs from a warm white to a cool white glow.

Browse our range of bathroom mirrors below, or alternatively for more information or assistance get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at JC Plumbing today on 01202 001424.

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