Lulworth Collection

The Lulworth collection is exquisite with its polished yet simple lines and ergonomic shapes. These features make the Lulworth collection the perfect design cues for modern living. Lulworth collection toilets, basins and taps make it so easy to make a statement with your bathroom that radiates and shines with beauty.


Lulworth Toilet Collection

Why have an ordinary round toilet when you can have a rectangular-shaped toilet that adds quirky character to your bathroom? The Lulworth toilets are available in various sizes and shapes to either stand out in your bathroom or be a simple feature that blends into the background and helps accentuate the rest of the features within your bathroom.


Lulworth Basin Collection

Just like the Lulworth toilet collection, the Lulworth basins are great at making your bathroom stand out from the crowd. With the square edges, these beautiful basins can utilise the space in the corners of your bathroom whilst being a great feature of your bathroom that will attract many compliments.

These basins are the perfect base for a variety of different taps; whether they be a pair or a mixer, the Lulworth basins will help them shine.


Lulworth Taps Collection

Within the Lulworth taps collection, you will see nothing but beauty as you gaze upon taps full of character. Why should your bathroom taps be the same as any other bathroom? With the Lulworth collection, you can get taps for your bath and basin that look and feel like they’re high-end but at a budget price. With the simple tap turning mechanism, you can be sure that you’ll get the perfect amount of water, not a heavy flow that splashes in your face or a flow that loses power halfway through filling your bath. These taps are perfect in every way and will remain looking exquisitely new for many years to come.

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