Bathroom Showrooms Poole

Are you looking for the best bathroom showrooms Poole has to offer? Choosing to renovate your bathroom is the first step in a line of hard tasks. Not only do you have to choose what kind of bathroom you’re after, but you’ve got to choose your bathroom supplier too. Here at JC Plumbing, we are your local bathroom supplier in Poole and Bournemouth. Our showroom displays an extensive range of products we have to offer. Call us on 01202 001424 for more information. 

How to Prepare Before going to your Local Bathroom Showroom

When going to a bathroom showroom, it can be daunting to know what to buy with the wide choice in front of you. Here at JC Plumbing, we have a fantastic bathroom showroom in Poole that shows an extensive range of all bathroom plumbing supplies. If you’re struggling with redesigning your bathroom, perhaps this guide will help.

Bathroom Showrooms Poole

  1. Start by Measuring your Bathroom
  2. It can be easy to get carried away in our Poole bathroom showroom with many features that you may want in your bathroom, however, it’s a good idea to measure your bathroom to see what room you have available. You need to consider aspects such as ventilation or heating as these take up significant space. It’s possible to move your bathroom layout around but you’ll need to factor these extra costs into your budget. By giving JC Plumbing your measurements, we can help you come up with a plan and layout for everything you need.

  3. Decide on a Budget
  4. You may pick out a lavish bathroom suite in our bathroom showroom that you cannot afford and then finding a cheaper option simply doesn’t compare. Before visiting the bathroom showrooms Poole has available, plan a budget for your complete bathroom including a 10% contingency as there could always be unforeseen costs. 

  5. Choosing a Bath
  6. Nothing quite makes a statement like a freestanding bath in your bathroom which can come in olden Victorian styles in addition to lavish modern styles. However, if you’re limited for room, a fitted bath may be the best practical solution for you. It sounds strange but when you’re in a bathroom showroom, hop into the bath and get a feel for the size and shape as you need to get a bath that you’re comfortable in as it’s designed to make you relax. 

  7. Choosing a Shower
  8. You could either have a shower over the bath or in a standalone cubicle which could either be an electrical, power, mixer or digital shower. If you’re stuck for space, then a shower over a bath is a practical option for you but many people like to have a lavish shower cubicle. If you’re desperate for a shower cubicle and can’t fit a bath, bear in mind the resale value of your property will drop without a bath. 

  9. Choosing a Bathroom Sink
  10. There are many different bathroom sinks such as freestanding and within a storage unit. However, a popular choice is a vessel sink where the sink is bowl-shaped on top of a counter. You should think about the type of material that the counter is made of in addition to the material and colour of the sink. If you’re in a location that has hard water, you don’t want a sink that will make watermarks visible. 

  11. Choosing a Toilet
  12. A toilet may not be the most glamorous aspect of the bathroom but it’s the part that will be used multiple times each day. A variety of styles are available such as wall-hung, back-to-wall, close-coupled and corner toilets that can be the perfect option for your bathroom needs. There’s also a soft-close option that won’t slam the toilet lid when it closes. You’ve also got to consider your flushing mechanism such as dual flush, power flush or gravity as they all have varying power levels and will affect your water usage. 

JC Plumbing has one of the best bathroom showrooms Poole has available because we will help you choose your complete bathroom. Additionally, we provide internet prices for showroom goods at superior quality for all budget ranges. 

Visiting the best Bathroom Showroom in Poole

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for when choosing your new bathroom, it’s time to visit the best bathroom showrooms Poole has available. You can find JC Plumbing on Ringwood road in Poole. If you have any questions or need assistance in getting the bathroom of your dreams, please do not hesitate to pop into our showroom or get in touch by calling us on 01202 001424